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Who am I and what is gatwebdesign.com

I am Dragica Gala Miletic, a dependable freelancer offering web design and development services through my personal website: https://gatwebdesign.com. After registering as a soleproprietorship named Galascript in the Republic of Serbia, the entire website is also available at https://galascript.com through redirection.

This Website is my platform to present and promote my web design&development services and skills. I also plan to share information I find important or relevant for users of web design and development services.

Data collection

This Website does not collect, store or share any personal data other than my own.

For the time being, user registration and commenting are disabled on the Website. Once I launch my blog, I will rethink this decision, and, if needed, inform Website users accordingly.


No cookies are used currently on the Website, however, I keep the right to introduce cookies in the future. This may include social network pixels that enable these websites to track visits to external websites and adjust advertising shown to the users on the social network or web service (e.g. Facebook). If this Website starts using any cookies, Website visitors will be informed thereof.


All textual, graphic and other content on the Website is protected by the Law on Copyright and Other Related Rights of Serbia, unless otherwise indicated or implied. If the Website user wishes to publish any content from this Website on any other media, he/she shall obtain prior express consent from me. Unauthorized use of the content shall be considered as infringement of copyrights, and may result in court action. Some information from the Website may be shared on social networks in unmodified form, with the obligation to comply with the Law on Copyright and Other Related Rights of Serbia and these Terms of Use.


Through this Website I do not give any warranties regarding any service, and any business arrangement between the client and me shall be governed by the relevant contract agreement. I am not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be incurred by using the content on this Website or any websites visited by clicking the hyperlinks provided on the Website. Should the Website user visit any other website through such hyperlinks, this is done of the user's own free will, taking full responsibility for any negative consequences. I keep the right to amend and modify any and all content on the Website, including the Terms of Use, without prior notification. Therefore, any potential clients are advised to check the information by contacting me directly.